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In Honor of Gloria Fletcher

On February 26th, our dear friend and Alachua County Republican Executive Committee member, Gloria Fletcher, passed away unexpectedly.  Our hearts go out to her family, including her husband, Cotton Fletcher and their son, Blake, also an ACREC member.

Gloria was an invaluable member of the ACREC.  She was always there to provide advice, friendship and financial support to our organization.  More importantly than the ACREC, she was an invaluable citizen in Alachua County and the State of Florida.  Her work and fundraising on behalf of abused and neglected children is legendary, and the support and uplifting that she provided to people in need, friends and strangers alike, made an impact like no other.


Indeed, it is hard to imagine what Alachua County looks like without Gloria Fletcher.  Still, if she could give us one final message, we are sure that it would be that our lives must go on, as hard as that may seem without her.  Let's remember and honor a life that was lived, richly.  Let's remember and honor the impact that she had on her family and friends.  Let's remember and honor her, and never stop.